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Casino Advisory Services

  • Our approach is unique in that other firms specialize in one or two areas but do not have the expertise to perform a detailed assessment across the entire organization

  • Our team is comprised of seasoned casino resort executives versus those who have provided consulting services from the outside for years

  • We understand where the high impact misalignments may lie and therefore know where to prioritize our work

  • We know it's more than developing nice buildings and near-term profitability

  • It's about assuring a truly outstanding guest experience resulting in a lifetime of loyalty


Developer of Hotel, Residential,Retail, Dining, and Entertainment Concepts

  • We develop modern, authentic, amenity-driven dining experiences that complement existing casino resort destinations

  • We are next-generation developers with expertise in design, development, leasing, finance, and project management

  • Our developments are designed and crafted to create magnificent gathering spaces that anchor a host of well-curated restaurants and entertainment zones

  • Our food hall projects become seasonal focal points with variable programming and intensive use of technology

  • We will customize your dining recommendations to meet your guests' needs, using our deep expertise to create a unique non-gaming amenity

  • Food and beverage development is very much a relationship-driven business with tenants, and we possess numerous rooted and valuable relationships that go back many years

  • Our sister firm, Elm Tree Communities, has developed Blueway Commons, a 56-unit multi-family complex

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Strategy Development

  • Operational effectiveness is not strategy

  • Strategy rests on unique activities

  • A sustainable strategic position requires trade-offs

  • Strategic alignment drives both competitive advantage and sustainability


The Hartmann Group can assist you in the development of your strategic plan. Our process is as follows:

  1. Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) analysis of your company

  2. SWOT analysis of your primary and secondary competitors

  3. Determine your market position relative to its competitors in terms of gaming and non-gaming amenity quality / variety and pricing

    • Who are we?

    • Who can we be?

  4. Articulate your vision

    • Who should we be?

  5. Identify your value proposition

  6. Define your competitive advantage

  7. Identify and prioritize your market position (who should we be?) and sustain its competitive advantage (leverage strengths and opportunities / mitigate weaknesses and threats)

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