Strategic Real Estate Development

THG’s affiliate company, Experientia Development Partners has expertise in design, development, leasing, finance and project management of next generation retail developments. It understands how to adapt to the seachange shift in retailing from being transaction driven to experience focused. Comprised of a deeply experienced team, EDP customizes every engagement to its client’s needs. Founder and CEO, Matt Armstrong, is a seasoned hospitality and gaming executive with experience in the lodging, casino and retail industries. Matt’s expertise encompasses the disciplines of retail development, leasing, food and beverage development, entertainment development, marketing and raising debt and equity financing. Currently Matt is involved in developing non-gaming amenity projects for several leading tribal gaming entities on the east coast of the United States.



West Coast Market + Growth

Coastal Gaming, LLC is a consulting firm offering a broad range of services to meet the needs of Tribal and independently owned casinos.
We are a leader in the casino and hospitality industry and bring success to our clients through trustworthy advisory services that will improve revenue, operating results, guest and team member satisfaction.


Casino Development + Construction

Gilbane Corporation has built and managed development of dozens of casinos and hotels over the past 28 years. Gilbane works with the owners and takes pride in its ability to help define unique solutions that fit the needs of its clients. The assessed value of Gilbane’s completed projects is in excess of $4 billion.

Planning, Architecture, + Interior Design

JCJ Architecture is a diverse planning, architecture and interior design practice that offers comprehensive services to clients in the public and private sector. Balancing owner/client goals, functional objectives and physical context alongside project scope, constraints and opportunities, it strives to resolve and manifest project qualities into built form. JCJ Architecture sees design as a collaborative process and collectively strives to add value to those places and spaces that strengthen communities, businesses, institutions, organizations and individuals.

Architecture + Design

HBG Design is a Top 10 nationally-recognized hospitality and entertainment architecture and interior design firm. Founded in 1979 in Memphis, TN the firm operates two offices in Memphis and San Diego, CA. HBG Design’s award-winning projects span across the country and around the world, with diverse hospitality, entertainment and leisure destination clients across the U.S.

Architecture + Design

Elkus Manfredi Architects is a full-service design firm providing architecture, master planning, urban design, interior architecture, historic preservation, space planning, programming and experiential graphic design. Their diverse portfolio of work includes planning and design for environments of work, living, learning, play, and innovation. Elkus Manfredi is especially known for their national and international work in mixed-use place-making that fosters community and creative innovation, as well as strategic workplace solutions that engage users and enhance performance.


Improving the Long-Term Financial Health and Economic Sovereignty of Tribes. Formed in 2009 by bankers specializing in Native American finance, TFA is dedicated to helping Indian Tribes with their financial needs, including finding new loans, refinancing existing loans and providing strategic financial advisory services.  Our Tribal Board of Advisors gives us unique insights to address your changing needs and helps us see Tribal finances from your perspective. Visit

Rossoff & Company LLC is an independent investment banking and advisory firm. We provide advice on mergers and acquisitions, corporate strategy and restructuring. We assist companies in raising debt and equity capital in the public and private markets.

Since our founding in 2008, Rossoff & Co. has successfully executed challenging assignments for clients across a wide spectrum of industries. Our bankers are highly experienced and maintain a vast network of contacts across Wall Street and throughout industry. We are focused, sophisticated and discreet. Above all, Rossoff & Company is committed to the success of its clients.

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