Partnership to deliver years of expertise in the marketplace for large-scale and complex marketing and management solutions.

Magnum Integrated Marketing (Magnum) has announced today the formation of a new partnership with The Hartmann Group to help provide their clients with a complete range of best in-class advertising, marketing and multi-media services.

Magnum’s extensive marketing expertise, customer understanding, creativity and technical knowledge will continue to provide integrated marketing communications services to its extensive base of clients as well as new clients developed from the partnership.

The Hartmann Group brings its reputation for innovation, knowledge of emerging technologies, industry acumen, unmatched business strategy, and customer relationship management capabilities.

Under this new partnership, Magnum and The Hartmann Group will work together to offer seamless marketing and consulting services, that help clients manage their brands completely and effectively across all points of customer contact by offering a complete set of services including Brand management, Advertising, Digital platform development, Media management, Broadcast, Database technology and Financial management.

“We are thrilled to be working with The Hartmann Group,” Magnum’s CEO, Frank Palmieri said. “Jeff Hartmann is one of the most experienced consultants in the industry. His knowledge of strategy, financial management and planning is unprecedented. The sharing of knowledge, expertise and best practices between the two companies will now provide an unmatched competitive advantage to clients around the world. We are both very excited for what lies ahead.”


Magnum Integrated Marketing
 based in Philadelphia and with offices in Las Vegas, has over 20 years of experience in the gaming, retail, F&B and hospitality industries. They are one of the most recognized marketing firms in the country relative to branding for the gaming and hospitality industries. The company has helped launch over 100 casino-resort properties and over 250 food and beverage venues.


The Hartmann Group - Native American Tribal Gaming Casino Resort Advisors

The Hartmann Group based in Connecticut, Jeff Hartmann has leveraged a successful 25-year career and used his experience to produce consistent market leading results in gaming management, financial optimization, real estate development and sports and hospitality. Recognized as the premier consulting firm in the Native American gaming industry , our collective experience allows The Hartmann Group to gain a unique understanding of your business realities and priorities, which include effective financial management,, increasing market share, and achieving a sustainable long-term future for your gaming and hospitality facility.


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