We’re excited to bring our expertise in retail, dining and entertainment development to the table in this new concept in gaming education. Check out what EDP’s Director of Finance, Cassandra Mahtesian discussed.

In offering the “total experience” to guests, executives in a casino resort often turn to retail. The shopping experience can very closely mirror the gambling motivation and many resorts have merged the two. But is it high-end merchandise or an outlet setup? Will the casino own the stores or bring in marketable brands? Is there a real-estate factor to consider? And will the retail layout cleanly blend into the overall resort? At this session, retail experts will bring their expertise and explain what works and what doesn’t in the casino environment, as well as new ideas in the retail environment that might work in a casino or casino destination.

  • What brands appeal to gamblers
  • Is there opportunity to grow beyond your current customers
  • Does it make sense for the casino operator to own the stores

Moderator: Roger Gros, Publisher, Global Gaming Business Magazine 
Speakers: Jim Heilmann, General Manager, Area15
Cassandra Mahtesian, Director of Finance, Experientia Development Partners


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