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We will work closely with your existing management team at the property; your General Manager will report directly to Jeff Hartmann.

Analysis + Review

Our initial approach will be to meet with the leadership team to discuss what is going well at the property and what you believe needs improvement at the property. We will then travel to the property to begin a diagnosis of the internal and external factors impacting results, complete a comprehensive review of marketing and financial data, interview key members of the team and complete a thorough review of the competitors’ operations.

Daily + Weekly Management

The Hartmann Group team will engage with their respective counterpart at the property level. A standard weekly conference call with the operating team will ensure that constant communication is occurring between the operating team and THG. Our team based in Connecticut will monitor all financial and marketing data on a daily basis to ensure property business decisions are made in alignment with the goals of your organization. Performance target for the fiscal year will be established as a result of direction received by your Board of Directors.

Monthly Engagement

On a monthly basis, THG will visit the operating property in person to meet with your operating team to facilitate analysis and decision making needed to enhance the value of your assets.

Our Promise

Our team is passionate about delivering superior guest service, retaining and developing team members, and continually analyzing key factors that measure performance. We will be an active manager, directing the on-property team to meet short-term business goals and longer term strategic objectives. THG will design our reporting to your Board of Directors and around your existing financial infrastructure.

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