Casinos must invest in skill-based games if they want to survive. Only have a minute to spare? Here’s our brief on NYT’s Casinos Look to Video Games as a Draw for Millennials.

  • the disconnect = currently, majority of casino floors are passive games (i.e. slots) which are for the 50+ crowd, but the majority of Las Vegas visitors are millennials (who loathe passive games) & Gen X
  • skill-based games are now legal in NJ and Nevada
  • Nevada’s 5-month turnaround from legislation introduction to legislation approval = testament to urgency of skill-based games in casinos
  • skill-based gaming could be:
    • player vs. house
    • player vs. player
    • cooperative games
    • skill game with slots component
    • phone app games similar to Candy Crush and Angry Birds
    • established franchises like Call of Duty
    • e-sports (imagine walking into sportsbook and betting on either the NBA play-off or Starcraft)

Got 90 seconds? Here’s what skill games in casinos will look like from Gamblit Gaming