What We Believe

What We Believe

'Because That's The Way We've Always Done It.'

If this phrase bothers you,
The Hartmann Group is your kind of company.

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THG believes status quo is for others. THG believes in being different . . . being unique . . . being the best.

THG doesn’t adopt best practices, THG creates best practices.

THG believes in being on the leading edge to provide its clients with a superior competitive position. THG brings innovation and new ways of thinking to its clients so they can shape the future.

THG believes in helping great people do great things . . . that’s the way we’ve always done it.

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$4 Billionin Financing Transactions Closed

Casino Resort Development + Management

$2 Billionof Casino + Mixed Use Projects Developed

Food + Beverage, Retail, & Entertainment Development

$1 BillionRaised for First Native American Bank Credit Facility

Casino Resort Advising

1stProfessional Sports Team Negotiated For a Tribe

Native American Casino Resort Advising